Why Packaging Stickers Are a Great Marketing Tool

Stickers are an inexpensive and simple marketing strategy to use as promotional giveaways or to build brand recognition for any company or cause.barcode sticker roll jeddah

Contrary to other marketing materials, marketing posters don’t limit themselves to simply showing a logo – they can provide valuable information such as expiration dates, ingredients and allergens.
They are easy to customize

Packaging stickers can be an engaging and efficient way to communicate the details about your product or service. With customizable labels available that showcase your company’s personality, packaging stickers offer an effective means of conveying essential info while building brand recognition.

Customizing stickers is a multifaceted endeavor that spans from size and shape to color and printing technique. Die-cutting offers one way to add dimension and create customized shapes on stickers; alternatively you may choose from various materials like paper or vinyl for this task.

Pantone(r) colors provide more accurate hues than CMYK hues, which may lose some of the lightest tones over time.
They are durable

Sticker printing differs from other forms of print by not requiring special equipment to produce it, making it far cheaper than billboard or newspaper advertisements while still making your brand noticeable on store shelves.

Packaging stickers can be seen on many food and drink items, from cheese packages to coffee bags. They’re often used to promote company logos as well as provide information such as ingredients or nutritional facts about a particular product.

Spray sealers offer a premium finishing touch for stickers. By applying an acrylic-based shellac surface that’s both water and tear-proof, spray sealers create durable and water-repellant stickers. Available both glossy and matte finishes to meet your individual needs, spray sealers can be found both locally (hardware stores/craft shops) as well as online (Amazon).
They are easy to print

Packaging stickers can add a personalized touch to your products and services, by featuring logos, illustrations, thank you notes or discounts – not only can they boost brand recognition but also help create it!

To make custom stickers, a printer that’s compatible is necessary. For optimal results, consider investing in a high-quality 4-color inkjet printer that boasts 1200dpi print resolution to ensure clear and vibrant images. Also make sure your thick sticker paper matches up well with your printer!

If you’re printing multiple stickers at once, Pantone color might be your best bet for consistency. Pantone can help provide solid color coverage over larger areas but may be more costly than standard CMYK printing. Also avoid designing stickers with too many large areas of solid color as these may prove challenging to print; additionally avoid paper with large grains to prevent sticky surfaces or ink build-up.
They are cheap

Stickers for packaging are an affordable and efficient way to add branding and make your products stand out. Plus, they’re easy to apply, which is ideal for small businesses without the resources or time to design their own packaging – plus, they last a long time.

Stickers can be printed in any color, finish and shape imaginable – from high gloss for bold images and high glare environments, to matte for subdued settings with reduced glare and minimal reflections. Both options come available on vinyl for durability; static cling adheres without leaving an adhesive residue while destructible vinyl provides an tamper-proof solution which makes removing it harder than ever.

Logo stickers on packaging can help customers recognize your brand and build loyalty. Use them on gift bags for an added experience that gives the sense of receiving something special from your business.

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