What is Digital Marketing ? (Advantages and Types)

What is Digital Marketing ? (Advantages and Types)

What is digital marketing?

when someone listen to about digital marketing then he will be confused and think about these two words I will describe you in just some simple lines and language, digital marketing is about on online internet world nowadays 80% population have smartphones with an internet connection online advertising or brand promotion is called digital marketing, here you will get information related Digital marketing benefits, advantages, and also its types,


Types of Digital Marketing:-

Here are some important Types of Digital marketing modules,

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Influencer Marketing
  7. Email Marketing
  8. Viral Marketing
  9. Mobile Phone Advertising

What is Digital Marketing ? its Types and Advantages. | Digital Shivam Sharma

Advantages and benefits of Digital Marketings:-

I will tell you also about the advantages and benefits related to digital marketing and why it is better than traditional or offline marketing

  1. Strategy and Plan of Growth Your business

The first step of Digital marketer is strategy plan because digital marketer will plan a strategy before doing any online activity he will be plan a strategy related to your business by Competitor strategy.


  1. Rich Content and Lead Generation Benefits

Nowadays Content is a voice and tell to all over world audience about your business or brand because with rich content your product or corporation will be on high level with help of content you will be reacting to more people by social media platforms like facebook Instagram, Pinterest and many more platform like that rich content play very valuable role in lead generation.


  1. Under Budget Costly than traditional Market( offline market)

When the comparison of budget comes in between traditional and digital marketing cost so in that case digital marketing will win because I will tell you a simple example for prove that by the help of traditional marketing if your traditional marketing budget is 1 lakhs it will be reach  around 1 lakhs peoples because now days anyone not love to read any pamphlets and poster and on second side all peoples have smartphones I mean to say that digital marketing target audience by online internet world in just cost of 10 thousand your brand or product can reach up to 1 lakh peoples so for that now you can understand difference of cost in between traditional and digital marketing.


  1. Return of investments or investment result

When you will invest in the market to the growth of your business then you will think about it much time you will get your investment back as your expectations result in that case digital marketing gives you 99% guarantee to give you ROI, by run campaigns on Google AdWords and Social media you will get results.


  1. Give Competition to large or big corporations

Digital marketing is one of the best technique and platform to give competition to higher level big corporations, in that case, low-level businessmen or high-level businessmen does not matter, by just some techniques and some hard work can grow your business on online internet world by anyone it can be the possible help of digital marketing.


  1. Earn audience trust and Brand awareness

With help of digital marketing you will be win heat of your business related as I already told you about rich content when anyone read about your brand on online internet that will increase your audience trust about on your brand and it will be helpful also for increasing your brand awareness that will impact your business to give it very high-level spot to reach more peoples.


  1. Know about Your Competitors

As you know in all business criteria competitors are already stand on good position to give you completion so for that digital marketing platform will very best and suitable for you because in that field you can analyze your competitor fully we can say about that, in other words, spying your competitor strategies and take action to go on higher rank then competitors.


  1. Real-time user Results and interest

Some tools like google analytics will help you to watch real-time user result with the help of that you can watch what is your audience interested in your brand or product,

  • the number of visitors to your sites
  • the increase in the number of its subscribers
  • peak trading times
  • conversion rates
  • Increase/drop in website traffic
  • bounce rate
  • and much more!


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