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There’s a lot of discussion about the advantages of vaporization over smoking. However, this is a very general statement. Why exactly switching from smoking to vaping can have a positive influence on your health? The experts at Vape Experts have prepared an article in which they go deep into the specific benefits that vaping brings.

Vaping is fun!

The most important aspect of vaping is the fact that the material does not burn so the user inhales the vapor instead of the harmful fumes. However, some people insist that herbal smoke is not as harmful as tobacco smoke.

While it is true that herbal smoke contains less harmful substances than tobacco smoke, it is toxic to the human body – it contains carcinogenic tars, carbon monoxide, and benzene. Evaporation eliminates the risk of absorption of these substances.

Vaporizing – cleanse your body from toxins

Most of the research that has been done so far clearly shows that vaporization is beneficial to the human body.


The first broader, study on vaporization was carried out in 2007 and it focused on the comparison of the toxic and the active substances levels absorbed by the body during smoking (first group of participants) and during inhalation from Volcano Vaporizer (2nd group of participants).

The researchers found that while in both groups, the levels of the active substances absorbed were similar, the members who inhaled vapor from Volcano had a much lower level of harmful substances in their bodies since they didn’t inhale the substances generated during smoking, like – among others – carbon monoxide that’s harmful to the brain and lungs.

Vaporization – protect your respiratory system

In the same year (2007), another study was carried out on members who smoked herbs and tobacco. Some of them smoked herbs or tobacco, others used vaporizers and e-cigarettes. The research showed that those who switched from smoking to vaping had fewer problems with their respiratory system, such as a cough or chest tightness.

How to choose a vaporizer?

Smokers suffer from these symptoms much more often. Those who stopped smoking and started using vaporizers reported a remarkable improvement in the condition of their respiratory system and they experienced the previously-mentioned symptoms with a much lower frequency than smokers.

Switch smoke for vapor to improve your lung condition

Another important research was carried out in 2010. The participants were people who smoked herbs and reported such symptoms as a recurring cough, or wheezing in the bronchi. For a few months, they stopped smoking and used vaporizers on a daily basis. Just like in the previous two studies, the results turned out to be useful for those who switched to vaping.

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