Reliable Method to Export Mac Outlook OLM File to EML


OLM files must be converted to EML files because Mail Message files are essential to the user’s business world and are stored in EML files. Numerous email applications store email messages in the common EML format.

The majority of email clients, programs, and servers can use EML files to store email messages on a file system. Most Mac Outlook users can convert their OLM file to EML with the attachment still intact. Microsoft Mail, Windows Live Mail, and other email clients are the most common applications that use the EML file. This blog post will instruct you on how to convert a Mac Outlook OLM file to an EML file format.

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How do I change an OLM File to an EML File Format?

EML files are a format for email communications, as the introduction states. The topic of Why Convert OLM to EML and Where it is Used Now emerges. It makes it easier for Mac Outlook users to view their email messages in other email clients, to put it simply. The OLM archive houses all of Mac Outlook’s emails and mailbox items from versions 2011 through 2019. However, only Mac Outlook can read OLM files; no other email clients can.

Therefore, these file formats are utilized to access/read essential correspondence or to transfer emails from Mac Outlook to Windows-based email applications. Using an automatic application like TrustVare OLM Converter makes it simple to convert OLM files to EML without losing any information. This tool can do the job in only a few clicks.

Motives for OLM File Conversion to EML File Format

  • Use different email clients, computers, desktops, or mobile devices to view emails from anywhere.
  • For distributing Mac Outlook emails to others during a crucial conversation.
  • After conversion, a user may even attach an Outlook email to distribute to numerous recipients.

Which email clients can read and write EML files?

Exchange Windows Live Mail Microsoft Outlook

  • Mail on Apple
  • Apple Entourage
  • Mozilla Thunderbird,
  • IncrediMail
  • Postbox.

OLM file conversion using the manual method

There isn’t a clear way to convert an OLM file to an EML file format. Drag-dropping from Mac Outlook is the exclusive technique for converting OLM to EML. The export of emails from Mac Outlook to an EML file works. To use this technique, you must drag & drop a single email to the desktop. As a consequence, that specific email will be converted to EML format.

Each email must be convert manually to EML format, which takes a long time. The manual method’s drawback is that it can’t effectively convert OLM files straight into EML. The manual process must be complet first, follow by the import of OLM files into Mac Outlook.

Using Automation to Convert OLM to EML

An automated application is a best and most effective way to export data from Mac Outlook OLM files to EML files. To convert OLM file data to other file formats, such as EMLX, PDF, HTML, and MHTML, use the TrustVare OLM Converter.

  • Installing OLM to EML Converter after downloading.
  • To import numerous OLM files, choose Add File or Folder.
  • Search for the OLM file, then select Open.
  • Select the Advance setting option after choosing the EML file format.
  • To apply filters, click Advanced Settings, then click Save.
  • Choose a location to save the generated file.
  • To begin the conversion, select the Export option.

Last Words of Mine

Consumers nowadays prefer to access their email from a variety of email clients, devices, and operating systems without relying on native programs. Users can convert OLM files to EML files to read Mac Outlook emails conveniently in a variety of email programs. Additionally, EML is the only file type that all email clients can read. A free sample version of the program is available for users to test out and use.

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