Pay Attention to your Accent when Speaking on the IELTS

Pronunciation is the most important component of speaking English. It has a significant influence on how a person’s dialect develops. Native English speakers and those learning the language have very different accents. Your dialect will make the difference between passing and failing the IELTS exam if you intend to take it within the next month. It is important to note that test-takers are worried about their dialect because it impacts their overall score.

You must focus on your pronunciation if you want to deliver an entertaining IELTS performance. You don’t need to speak English with a native speaker’s accent to perform well on the IELTS. Accurate, clear, fluent, and rich in lexical and grammatical resources word pronunciation is required. You can get a high band score if you follow these guidelines. Do you still have pronunciation issues? Do not fret! To acquire every fundamental and supplemental IELTS score-improving technique, get in touch with the best IELTS coaching in Amritsar

To guarantee that you speak the term correctly and that the invigilator can understand you, read the following instructions;

Highlighted Terms

There are many accents in the English language. We frequently notice that native speakers emphasize terms that are important to the conversational structure. This method not only helps the listener understand the language but also demonstrates the speaker’s remarkable English fluency. The ability of the candidate to start and maintain an efficient English conversation is the main focus of the IELTS speaking test. The test taker’s fluency, attentiveness, grammatical accuracy, and other qualities are evaluated. The most important terms must be emphasized in order to receive excellent marks. Your accent can significantly affect how you pronounce certain sounds and words, thus it’s important to correctly emphasize words to avoid confusing the listener


The rise and fall of the speaking voice intonation is a technique known as intonation. Both public speakers and radio hosts use it to influence audiences through creative speaking techniques. Intonation enhances the speaker’s overall fluency in addition to reducing their overall accent. The greatest strategy to get ready for the IELTS test may be to use intonation. It is general knowledge that when we ask someone a question of any kind, our intonation changes. However, we respond at a usual pace since we think the question calls for a quick answer. You will come out as uninterested if you speak in a monotone.

You may help yourself communicate at the right pace by using the appropriate patterns. When reciting a poem, for instance, you should employ the right rhythm and speed to make the piece memorable. The right cadence is also essential here to catch the invigilator’s attention in the same way that we do when we speak English. Yes, using this advice will help you improve your accent. This not only helps the right flow but also maintains the right structure of uttered words. Are you interested in learning an efficient rhythm approach for accent enhancement? You can get help from the best IELTS training center in Jalandhar to perfect your English inflection.

Act like you are

You must be genuine and realistic while you prepare for the IELTS exam. Try not to act dishonestly because the examiner will undoubtedly catch you. Pay attention to how you pronounce words and try to talk with your accent. Maintain your normal cadence while speaking louder and more clearly, emphasizing words that call for it. Avoid employing the wrong saying in a statement and always utilize phrases and idioms that communicate meaning. Examiners will presume you have little grasp of these topics if you use it in this way. However, the reader can get the wrong idea from this.

Always use standard English to avoid having other people’s speech patterns influence you. The invigilator quickly recognizes your dishonesty when you use a false dialect. As a result, you must remember that your chances of getting good IELTS results increase the more naturally you act. Consult with trustworthy experts who can greatly improve your IELTS score. Therefore, set aside your concerns and prepare with the aid of the Best PTE Institutes in Amritsar, which can both make you perfect and fix any errors you may already have.


IELTS newcomers may find it particularly difficult to prepare for the speaking portion of the test. Additionally, it makes sense to have reservations about the tone in general. It goes without saying that if you use English every day, your accent will get better. Instead of just thinking about what to do, come up with a strategy for completing your task within the allotted time.

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