Opal Jewelry – The Best Alternative For The White Sapphire

Opal Jewelry

Are you looking for a highly cheerful and vibrant gemstone Jewelry that will add a surge to your beauty and elegance?

Well, all it would take to fulfil this wish is to get your hands on alluring and amazing opal Jewelry.

Whether its that opal pendant or opal necklace that run down all the way through your neck to bless with it with a raging shimmer and ethereal shine or that glittering and sizzling opal ring made out of the finest quality black opal, every Opal Jewelry is unique and beautiful in its own unique and adorable way.

Even those long stud opal earrings that just re-define the charm and shine of your face are worth adding to your mystic Jewelry collection.

Opal Jewelry, or the “October Birthstone” is one the most valuable and cherry-pick gemstones in the realm of gems and jewels. Its alluring hues tends to be so much eye-captivating and stupendous that you will literally flaunt over your beauty in all the four directions.

Tracing the History of Opal

To trace the history of opal, we have to go back to the era of 75 AD, the ancient roman region.

During that time, a roman scholar by the name Pinny was so much impressed and awestruck by the beauty and vibrance of opal Jewelry. The mystic and heavenly appearance literally captivated all this attention and both of his eyes. What make him even fall for its beauty was the exquisite “play-of-colours” that was depicted on its surface. Deeply touched to the chore of his heart, he coined a unique term for this marvellous gem, a kaleidoscopic gemstone born with red-raging beauty of ruby, the bluish sheen of sapphire, the cheerful green hue of emerald and the purple hue of amethyst Jewelry.

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In addition to this, even several documentation and scriptures have corroborated the supernatural and magical healing properties that this astounding and divine gem is blessed with. The ancient Greeks for instance, for quite a prolonged period of time used to believe that adorning yourself with opal Jewelry can enable the person to peep deep into future and predict it.

The Arabic legend folk tales have also mentioned that the mighty opal was formed when the beaming and divine flashes of lightening and thunder descended from the heaven.

Even the modern western culture has prized opal Jewelry to be an epitome and symbolic of peace, purity, courage and truthfulness.

Unleashing the Mystic Beauty of Opal Jewelry

The most eye-captivating and potent beauty factor in opal Jewelry is its myriad and mystic range of colours that comes in multiple hues. Some noticeable hues in the market are blue opals, fire opals (red opals), white opals, and the most iconic and precious, the black opals that are exclusively utilized to manufacture finest quality and sparkling opal rings.

This shimmering and shining beauty of opal can be complimented with an alluring surface that could be transparent to opaque. The best graded opals usually display a highly transparent and crystal-clear surface that depicts the exquisite natural colour phenomena known as the “play-of-colours”. It resembles like the colours are constantly floating and tossing as the natural sunlight enters the silica spheres of the opal and get bend.

This bending and scattering of light in the crystal of the opal is what causes the “play-of-colours”.

A pearly lustre makes the beauty even more astounding and divine. The only drawback is that opal has a not-so-satiating score of merely 5.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness.

You need to be bit more careful while adorning opal Jewelry.

1. The Stone of Spiritual Enlightenment: Opal has been associated with channelizing the energy of the mind towards activating the crown chakra or the third eye that helps the person to attain peak levels of focus and self-awareness. It also helps the person to gain clarity and seek wisdom and truth.

2. Astrological Benefits of Wearing Opal: By bestowing blessings of a charming good luck and fortune upon the wearer, opal brings immense wealth, a good health and drives the social status of the person.

3. Health Benefits of Wearing Opal Jewelry: Wearing opal Jewelry has miraculous health benefits such as hormone secretion stability, blood stream purification, improved throat health, and increased water retention capacity of the body.

4. Emotional Balance of the Mind: Opal jewelry helps the wearer to manage the emotions in response to the external stimulus. By fostering a stable and intact emotional state of mind, it drives the person towards attaining a state of peace of mind and calmness.

5. The Stone of Love: Opal connects to the Heart chakra of the wearer. It brims the heart with infinite energy of love and purity. By doing so, it makes the person full of understanding, acceptability and affection. Such a person is able to maintain good relationship with everyone.

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