Leave No Doubt About Store Hours When Opening a Dollar Store


https://buyyaro.com/ It is amazing just how many details are involved in successfully starting and building a new business. For those opening a dollar store most of the bigger details such as what merchandise to carry stick out as an obvious priority. Yet there are also many easily missed details that are just as important. In fact it is often the little, overlooked details that can prove most important to building sales when you are opening a dollar store. One example is making it clear exactly when your store is open or closed. In this article I present 5 tactics to make it obvious when your store is open for business.

Tactic #1) Post your store hours right by the front door.
Maximize your sales by making it easy for potential visitors to view your exact hours of operations. Prominently post your store hours close or even on your front entry door. Use big lettering so shoppers don’t need to walk right up to the door to see your exact hours.

Tactic #2) Make sure the lights in your store are obviously on during store hours.
Just as leaving the lights off during closed hours signals you are closed, turning on all of the lights in your store sales floor is one easy way for shoppers to see you are open and ready to serve them. They can see the merchandise inside and will come in to make their purchases.

Tactic #3) Place well-lit ‘Open’ signs beside entry doors and along the front windows of your store.
It is such a simple, yet effective way to signal you are open for business. Place one or two electric ‘open’ signs at the front of your store. One should be placed close to the front door of your store. Another should be placed along the front windows of your dollar store. These signs will be easily seen by shoppers as they approach your store.

https://marketingforbes.com/ Tactic #4) Place merchandise outside the entry doors of your dollar store business.
Rolling display carts filled with brightly colored merchandise that are placed outside your store signal shoppers your store is open for business. You will also see added sales as shoppers stop and make their selections from the displays before they even enter your store.

Tactic #5) Prop the doors of your store in the open position.
This tactic may not work for all stores. For those who can use it, what a great way to invite shoppers inside your store. If you can safely prop the front doors of your store open during the good weather days of spring, summer and early fall do so. This is a fool-proof tactic to add to your sale levels.

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