How to Migrate from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 & 2013


This article describes how to migrate from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007. Users can migrate Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 without difficulty after reading the article.

Mozilla Thunderbird is an open-source email client used to store information such as emails, contact books, and messages. It is one of the most widely used email clients on the digital market.
All email items and messages are stored in a directory outside of the user’s software directory in Thunderbird. There are many other email clients, such as Microsoft Outlook, that are used by a large number of individuals in addition to Mozilla Thunderbird.


According to consumers, Outlook is one of the most popular email clients, and it stores email and messages in PST files. Due to the robust topographies of Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla lags behind in terms of use. Therefore, users prefer to switch from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook.

There are a number of reasons to transition from Microsoft Outlook to Thunderbird.

  • Mozilla Thunderbird lacks cross-platform compatibility with Microsoft Office products, unlike Microsoft Outlook.
  • The option to view message threads requires a lengthy setup.
  • Contacts cannot be grouped
  • There is no IMAP support
  • There is no comprehensive preview of messages.

Although Mozilla Thunderbird supports a wide range of Windows platforms, including Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Vista, XP, and NT, among others. However, there are numerous reasons to migrate emails from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail, all of which are listed above.

When migrating from Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail, the majority of users should opt for a method that requires no additional software. This is the manual method for migrating from Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook.

Using Manual Procedure:

  • Launch Mozilla Thunderbird
  • Navigate to the folder you wish to export from Thunderbird to Live Mail
  • Select individual emails by pressing and holding Ctrl, and all emails by pressing Ctrl + A
  • Right-click on the selected emails and select the Save As option;
  • Here, save the selected messages in the desired destination folder and click Select Folder to export them.
  • Now, launch Microsoft Outlook
  • Right-click the Outlook folder and select the New Folder option
  • In the Name field, input a desired name for the new email folder and press the OK button
  • Select all exported emails from Thunderbird by pressing Ctrl + A
  • Select and drag all exported emails to the middle pane of Outlook and import all messages into a new folder

Here, all email files will be examined following a successful import
This manual procedure will be beneficial when the number of emails is low. If you have multiple email attachments, however, the manual process is time-consuming.

Consequences of Manual Procedures

  • Time-consuming
  • Risk of data loss
  • Emails will lose their original SMTP header
  • There is no assurance that every email will be successfully migrated

To resolve all of these issues, it is always recommended to employ a third-party external utility capable of delivering effective data transfer services. Thus, there are professional Thunderbird converter applications available for migrating from Mozilla Thunderbird to Microsoft Outlook.

Migrate from Mozilla Thunderbird to Outlook 2016 & 2013 – Technical Way

The popular Mailvita Thunderbird to PST Converter software can migrate Thunderbird to the Outlook 2016, 2013 format. It converts single and multiple Thunderbird messages to PST file format. This utility supports all Mac OS and MS Outlook versions, The software enables you to save your migrated emails in any Windows Operating System, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows NT, among others.

Here are the steps of the software:

  • To begin using the Thunderbird to PST Converter Tool, you must complete a series of straightforward actions. Launch the software on your computer to get started. Then, counting on how you want to import your mailbox data, select either the “Load Default Location” or “Enter manually” button.
  • If you select “Load Default Location” click “Browse” and navigate to the directory containing your Thunderbird mailbox files. The software will examine all imported mailbox folders and subfolders and display a list of them.
  • If you select “Enter manually” click “Browse” and choose the mailbox files you wish to convert to PST format.
  • After selecting the files or directories to convert, click the “Browse” icon to select the location to save the converted PST file. You can select any storage location on your computer or an external storage device.
  • Click the “Convert” button to initiate the conversion procedure. The software will convert your Thunderbird mailbox files to PST format, ensuring that all of your data is preserved correctly and is readily accessible in Microsoft Outlook.

In addition Features, this software ensures:

  1. 100% data accuracy and security
  2. Bulk size data migrate from Thunderbird to MS Outlook
  3. High-speed conversion process
  4. No data loss in conversion
  5. No file size limitation
  6. Option to preview all Thunderbird messages
  7. Compatibility with all Mac and Windows OS.

The conclusion

Easy to use, Thunderbird to Outlook Converter should be utilized by every user. The graphical user interface allows the user to migrate the status information of emails to MS Outlook while preserving the integrity of the email data.

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