Easy to Clean Rabbit Hutch for Small Pets for Indoor

rabbit hutch

Rabbits are cute, but just because they require less maintenance than a dog or cat doesn’t mean you can abandon your bunny in a filthy rabbit hutch for weeks on end! In addition to frequently cleaning your Coziwow rabbit hutch, you should occasionally clean your bunny as well to maintain them clean, hygienic, and smelling good.

However, how do you approach this? We’ve got you covered, so don’t worry. The best tools to use, how to clean a rabbit while you’re doing it, and more information about how to clean a rabbit’s cage are provided below.

Bathing The Rabbit Hutch

The two manufacturers that I use when buying food for my rabbit areOxbowandSmall Pet Select. These each have high quality rabbit products and are companies that care about the health of our small animals. If you might be buying something fromSmall Pet Selectuse the codeBUNNYLADYat checkout to get 15% off your first order. You can discover many pet-safe cleansing products online and in pet shops. These are non-toxic formulas that are protected to use around a home with babies and curious pets.

Either carry the tray and dump it into the rubbish or use a dustpan to brush up any remaining hay, poop, and fur from the underside of the enclosure. Fully covered hutches are my least favorite to wash. These are the enclosures where the only way is through a small door. They are set up to make it nearly inconceivable to clean on the inside. These hutches come equipped with a sliding tray on the backside that the producers expect to catch any rabbit mess. The plan could be for you merely to scrub out this tray and be done with it.


It’s essential to the health of your rabbit to maintain its food dish refilled and clean. Remove any old or leftover meals daily to stop micro organism growth that might harm your rabbit. At least as soon as every week, you must wash the dish with cleaning soap and hot water.Remove stale or wilting bits of food and some other material, like fur or feces, from the dish. Using the product called bedding is pointless for home rabbits.

Some rabbits sit of their litter packing containers after they urinate. Rabbits produce plenty of urine, especially throughout summer as they drink lots of water right now. “My rabbit hutch is cleaned daily however I wanted to know how to safely deep clear her cage. Thanks.”

Thus, it results in the yellowing of the rabbit’s fur and ft. Next time whenever you once more clean the hutch, ensure you leave the opposite nook untouched and alone. And clear that area which you skipped this time.


When doing this, bear in mind to use gloves and use a waste bag. But most outside rabbit hutch is manufactured from wood which is vulnerable to soak the answer of heat water and vinegar. If the hutch isn’t fully dry after you wipe the hutch, it can trigger the rabbits to feel uncomfortable. The easiest approach to keep an outdoor rabbit cage clean is by selecting straightforward to clean rabbit cages. First, gently deliver all the rabbits out from the hutch and let them run free and chill out in a protected place for the meantime in case you don’t have simple to wash rabbit cages.

Spread fresh bedding materials across the complete ground of the hutch.Make certain to place the rabbit’s littering space in the space to which she has become accustomed. Place your rabbit in a quick lived holding pen, rabbit run, or one other place the place she/he shall be protected whilst you clean the hutch. Be positive to provide her/him some meals and water, together with a few toys and a litter box. Namely, one of the most efficient products that received’t compromise your pet’s wellbeing is sodium bicarbonate, also referred to as baking soda. Thus, make sure you disinfect your rabbit’s cage no less than once per week.

Use Rabbit Hutch Cleaning Spray

You’ll wish to get an affordable area rug to place underneath the pen and protect the flooring. As we now have discussed how to eliminate hutch stains on the rabbit. We have provided better and straightforward ways to take away undesirable stains from the rabbit’s hutch.

As a common rule, clear your rabbit’s hutch or cage totally a minimum of once each two weeks. Rabbits will have a tendency to make use of one nook or area of the hutch as their toilet. This are ought to be saved clear every day.

Clean your rabbit hutch twice day by day, Extract all of the pointless green leftovers. They are very delicate to any sturdy odors including how most cleaning merchandise scent. When using these kind of merchandise though, make certain none of it comes into direct contact with your pet. Before using it, it’s best to mix collectively it with water to reduce back the cleansing product’s acidity levels.

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