Best Things to do in Aruba with Kids

Best Things to do in Aruba with Kids (1)

You hardly need anything to entice you to Aruba than its powdery white sand beaches. However, the calm turquoise waters and scintillating white sand beaches are just the beginning. There are plenty of things to do in Aruba with kids than just relaxing at the beach. If you are looking for things to do with kids in Aruba, then you are at the right place. 

Renowned as the “One Happy Island,” this destination is a Caribbean paradise, which is perfect for the family vacation. From immersive educational experiences to outdoor adventures, you will have sheer fun with your little ones. Let’s proceed further to learn about things to do in Aruba with kids.

Top things for kids in Aruba 2023

Looking for the best things to do in Aruba with kids? Check out the following list, and make a bucket list to make the most of your time in Aruba with your kids. From exploring ancient caves to visiting interactive butterfly farms, this list will be very beneficial for your trip. So, let’s get started and dive into this Caribbean paradise. 

  1. Visit the Aruba Butterfly Farm

Kids of all ages will love a visit to this beautiful place. Situated in Oranjestad Noord, the main attraction of this place is its tropical garden. The garden is filled with various butterfly species from different corners of the world. Both young and old will get a chance to learn about the different animal species in an informative and interactive way. 

  1. Relax at Eagle Beach

Ready to have family fun in Aruba? Well-known as one of the best beaches in Aruba, it is essential to take your family to this gorgeous beach when in Aruba. You will get to see the most breathtaking vistas at this beach. Moreover, it is a great place to spend an afternoon with your little ones at this place. The beautiful combination of iconic trees, crystal-clear waters, and pristine sand make this beach a must-visit in Aruba.

  1. Go to De Palm Island

De Palm Island is a family paradise as it is an all-inclusive private island. Moreover, unlimited fun awaits your family at this place. Situated adjacent to Aruba, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time with your kids on this island. Moreover, you will have to take a ferry ride to go to this island. You can enjoy various water activities on De Palm Island, such as banana boat rides, snorkeling, zip-lining, and more. 

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  1. Eat at the Flying Fishbone

One of the best restaurants in Aruba is The Flying Fishbone, and children will love it here too. Moreover, it is a beachfront restaurant, and you will enjoy your meal at the beach. Furthermore, you will feel the sand between your toes. The restaurant has a great selection of seafood, and it will definitely satiate your taste buds. There is something for each kind of taste.

  1. Visit Aruba Donkey Sanctuary

Located in Santa Cruz, Donkey Sanctuary is one of the most-visited places with kids. Moreover, there is no fee to visit this sanctuary. The sanctuary has a simple mission to save donkeys. You will love meeting rescued donkeys, who are sweet. Teach your kids how to interact with animals, and let them feed the donkeys. Don’t forget to click plenty of pictures.

  1. Enjoy at Splash Park Aruba

One of the best water parks in Aruba, the Splash Park Aruba is the ultimate adventurous playground. It is a great place for both kids and kids at heart. They can spend hours here for the ultimate fun experience. Moreover, there are slides, jungle gyms, and climbing towers. It is a great place to cool off. Enjoy different slides, and collect some cherishable memories with your little ones.

All these are the best activities for families in Aruba. Add these mentioned places to your bucket list, and make the most of your time in Aruba with kids. Book your tickets now, and have a memorable experience that can be cherished forever. 

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